Fashion Forward

-yves saint lauren-

just now i red Sandra Azwan. hes totally blew me away with his creations,amazing  ideas and all in between. fashion is subjective. my passion in fashion is beyond. when i was 12, i really wanted to be a fashion designer. i wanted to be like coco chanel or betsy jhonson or maybe donatella versache. but i dont wanna be like her like you know all the plastic surgery stuff. sorry to say, but she looks disastrous!  

coco chanel
“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”

avant garde style brought by lady gaga had opened our eyes. the avant garde creation is more futuristic and artistic rather than being classy and fabulous. 

avant garde did not stick with fashion or dresses only but there are music culture, make up, hair and everything for those who wanna practice an avant garde as the way of life.

when it comes to shoes, there is no other expert than Cristian Louboutin. of course there is jimmy choo but cristian louboutin creation is phenomenal and become a trend.

just like his signature creation of simple black pums shoes, sometimes pip toe and sometimes with platform but this simple yet magnificent design is to die for. 

 its a masterpiece for everyday look

 by jhon galliano:

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the craziest men alive

by alexander mcqueen:


by DVF:

what i love about diane von furstenburg is her design really reflected a simple urban chick lifestyle of new york! maybe not simple but really classy and fabulous. it really suits an amazing women with successful carrier and having an awesome lifestyle. just imagine how i live in new york and wearing DvF for an everyday outfit. wow!


actually there are so many others fashion designer that i admire example, just name a few like karl lagerfeld, osca de la renta, and yves saint lauren. did you guys realize that most of them are man? men knows what's best for women and how to make them look stunning.