obviously its about me of coz. i am a typical teenager from small unknown town called kota tinggi. dont act like you are the most popular bitches around here because who would ever ask about you in here? you are not living a life in a fab lane of new york! as a matter of fact, i rally hate bitches. especially those who acted sweet and demure and nice but really dirty on the inside. let me tell you girls, if you wanna be bitch, just act like one. go spreading rumors, have sex with footballers, kiss someones boyfriend, stole your daddy's credit card to buy a bottle of champaign and have a slumber party all night. that way, i will not hating you. in fact i like you even more. but if i seeing you on someones bike that you just knew for about three hours ago, do you wanna know what am i thinking? you really cheap, dirty, low class, stupid, and you got E for your exam. haha!

about that lame picture above, you can see im on someones body with a pilot uniform. yeah! that is what i wanna be in the future. to drive a plane straight away to Aussie! maybe its a bit weired for a girl like me who can't get enough with make up, can't stand properly without a gorgeous pair of shoes, to have this kind of ambition. its 1 upon 100 i guess. on but let me tell you something, everyone have their own dream! and my dream is to have a lot of cash by travelling around the world. at least i have something to think about for my future. im 17 now and i must think about my future. i dont want to get married soon after my SPM.

besides flying, my passion is also about fashion and food. i cant live without them both. it has completed my life. when i was about 12 or 13 i really wanted to be a fashion designer. but when i get older or should i say mature,i realized that it is not a easy job. money will not find you if you are not as famous as vera wang. to run this kind of job, you must be though and have a truly passion in it. it is not just about cash. yeah it is glamorous job of all according to chleo but for me what are glamorous for if you dont even have something to eat just because you have to save up your cash for burberry purse? according to chelo to, pilot is on no.3 ranking of the most glamor job :)

and speaking about food, i can make the best cake you would die for! i just love cooking and eating of course. my free time is fully filled of the new recipe. most of them are cookies and cakes. sometimes i do cook something for dinner like ayam masak kicap, sambal ikan and chicken soup. my dad said, my chicken broth is the most delicious. you can eat it with rice, or bread or even noodles. they are all just click! i rarely bring them to school for my friends because it only can last for two hours. sorry guys. my family is like a starving zombie. erkhh!!!

perhaps i already bored you now with all this crap. so, enjoy some read! bye :)

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