Red! Red! Red! hot!

today im not talking about dress, or shoes, clothes fashion what so everr!! im talking about colour acctually or should i say, food. food? yeah! i love food! who doesn't?? they must be crazy or they dont have any mouth. i have a sweet tooth. this holiday is all about fiesta! im done baking chocolate cake like the one i usually did the devil's food cake and last few days i bake cookies! it was so amazing until it only last for three days. ;)

today, i just finished baking the red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting! really really mouth watering redish cake in the cup!

 were baked with lots of love 
(this is not mine.wait until u see mine!)

fresh on the rack after frosting them with homemade cream cheese

top with a lil hundreds and thousands, done! 

 actually it was really red like the one on the top but sorry i have to make it black and white because the camera is SO TERRIBLE!!