Smart People Didn't Do Cool Stuff And Vice Versa

 a few days ago, i went to this kind of place where 'cool' teens nowadays tend to call it tempat lepak yang cool. so, i went there with my friends and we sat at one spot at the corner where we can see all the view and every incident that might be happening. like usual, i always choose a sit which i am not facing at the crowd because i dont like people to see my face or watch me doing my thing or be an attention for some people.

actually, im not a kind of person who like to watch peoples surrounding's behavior or easy to say tengok orang. i dont like people to stare at me neither do they. that is my principle. then, out of the blue, something weired came into my mind when we were all acting cool and i started to realized. why did we all doing this? then i started to watch at my friends one by one while trying to describe them. my personal opinion, they are all acting cool. they are not naturally born to be cool. its not just my friends but all the peoples around me. with the fancy funky clothes, ck cap ayam beli dekat pandan, i-can-see-your-boobs dress and not to mention, borrowed dslr! come on! i can tell that they are not more that 19 years old.

you think that is cool enough? you say that is cool? i say that is dumb. at the early age, really early age, i have seen the outside world and because of that i get to know so many kind of people. from that i can tell who is cool and who is fool. thanks to my sister that brings me to the darkness. i admit that. i am not the kind of kid who are super duper hot that can do something like that by myself. nothing to impress. so what? wanna say "ek eleh! kakak dia ada boleh lah...lebih jek!" just say it right onto my pretty face! haha!

then if this 'really cool' kids that admit that they are hot, actually they are really not. if you cool kids use your gifted brain (if you can do so) to think with a matured and unsound mind,  its just a major waste of time and money. you need to go to an expensive place that was located 50 miles away just to be seen cool? you need to by a beautiful fancy clothes just to ware them once just to be seen cool? i believe you only go there once a year and you will be waring them once a year too. i dont know if you wanna wear them on hari raya also then you will be wearing it twice a year ;) how cool is that! rather than waste your expensive time just to drink a chocolate milk shake and talk a bunch of useless stuff, why dont you go playing bowling, playing kite, or paintball. that is go out!

i am tired of pretending. yesterday maybe im being so proud sitting one table with big guy, hot chicks but today i realize that to be proud of it is just silly and tomorrow is the day to be myself. so dear friends, stop acting like you are so cool because befriended with big guys and hot chicks until you end up looking dumb because again the big guy that you are so proud of is only working at the nearest kedai cd. how sad! no one makes you look fool but you are good at it by yourself. seriously, it annoys me a lot! i know you just baru nak up but please, i am begging you here, do not show it too much. it embarrass ma dude! come on! you can be smarter than that! please. be mature.

you always admit that you are an adult. then act like one! be like one! think like one! stop making people using you by your dumbness and taking an advantage on you because of your prematurity. wanna say that i am a boring person? did not having fun at all? to be honest, i am tired of having fun i had enough fun already since i were born until last year. when wanna be serious of life? in fact, i did have fun. i having so much fun with my friends tak semestinya di tempat-tempat cool. lepak plaza kota pon aku have fun. gossip kat kedai cendol pon aku have fun, pergi karaoke jamban lagi fun! the conclusion is, its not the place that makes us cool and fun. its the priceless time time that we spent doing something cool and fun that makes me happy and memorable. choose: wanna be cool or wanna be smart?