Taubat Sambal

you know what is meant by taubat sambal? my mom always say it. taubat sambal. ya know sambal whether it is so damn hot and spicy at the same time very finger lickin' good, you dare to eat it although you sounds like haaaah!...pedas..hahhhh...pehal pedas sangat nihhh!! husshhhh...lepas ni tak nak makan sambal ni lagi dah!!adoiii!! but at the end, you plate is clean.

same goes to us. we always done mistakes. once we screwed up with someone we will say sorry. i will never do it again. im promise. you know i love you right? and blablabla... the list will go on and on and on...

it as simple as this. once we did a mistake, we will say sorry. after that we will do the mistake again, and the sorry will follows. for the third time, we did it again, and sorry again. for the fourth time, fifth, sixth and so on. wow! how easy! i can make a thousands of mistakes and just have to say a one single word and everything will go back to normal. :)

stupid is all i can say. sorry. see? i already did it! did it works??

betapa murahnya kemaafan yang kau bagi