Dont Fall In Love Or You Might Be Slaped!

love. some says its wonderful. some says at the end of the day it will hurting you. some also says it tragic! but for me its wonderful, hurting, tragic and inappropriate. inappropriate because one day you will be dump! or get dump or dumping. but dumping is better. yeah...

so to avoiding you from falling in love, first, dont go to the place that have many cuties like emmy award ceremony or school. although school also have the 'uncuties' and annoying and stupido but the cute one always get our attention and they can attract us to stare at them like a magnet, you know... then after that he or she cant get out from your big head then you start to dreaming about him, the his name will appear on every pages on history book or biologi book and suddenly it marks not only on your pretty little diary but also on your exercise books! oh no! what do we call that again? its the L word...

love and like a person is very different  thing. there's a tiny thread lies between those two. although it feels kinda same but when we love someone, when he died we will crying like we gonna die tomorrow and god send us to hell. if we only like the person because of his cuteness and handsomeness and he's so kind towrds you, when he died we also gonna cry but because the world is losing another cute people. and its a great loss for the woman out there. it is the same thing when cute guys become a gay.

when you love someone you will felt so exited and you wanna tell to the whole world how are you feeling. but did he wanna know? i guess not. expecially when he already have someone to love. and his mom love her too. at this moment, i bet you will tie a rope around your neck. so, who asked you to fall in love? love is a big mess. but its our natural feeling wright? we cant avoid it. but if parents did not sent us to school, this might not be happening.

then her girlfriend knows her boyfriend have a secret admire, maybe a tons, you might get slapped. if his girlfriend is a bitch, its even worst! you name will be the public issues a round school or the whole town. people will gossiping about you and when you passing by, people witch is the biatch one will looked at you like 'what? you wanna steal my boyfriend too? haaa?!' so, its a psychotic and depressing moment for you. its just because you love her boyfriend so much.

next, dont get too close with people with opposite sex. unless you a gay or lesbian. when you guys are too close to each other, sharing stories, secret and facebook, one day there will be a feeling towards each other. its either you or him. if only one person who feels the love, it is though. if both, then just get married! it will become a disaster when you suddenly receive a wedding invitation or you heard a rumors sounds like 'that girl is his women' or 'he's dating her. its been a month now'. serve you right! who asked you to get closed with him? but maybe you were lonely little girl. you just wanna she re some love. then, share with your parents or your siblings or your nanny! pffftttt!!!

i dedicated this to all boys and girls who experienced this before or will experienced this soon. think twice before you send your child to school! dont get they to fall in LOVE!