Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa

as you can see, now i more prefer to write in english. such a contras to my tittle. but i have a good reason maybe some good reasons for this abruptly changes. have you ever seen a video by inianwarhadi on youtube? no? ok.

actually i discovered this video from my friend aryna. seriously this dude is so cool! that is my first impression. there is a few things i wanna say regarding this topic.

firstly,  i am very agree with his statement. he called it bahasa Ewww.... but i dont have any specific name to call them. so, i just go with it. this kind of language or should i say the way they wrote like by adding the "eww" thing at the end of the words was spreading widely in facebook. what i can say is, it really damaging the language! the pureness of the language! especially my language Bahasa Melayu. a part from that, maybe this guy might forget or something  but there are many other form of this "bahasa Ewww..." such as

jek ----> jexxx
saye ----> shaye
nak ----> nuxx

seriously guys! how do you wanna read those x's?! gosh! before the existence of the facebook, this kind of writing can be seen at myspace. now myspace is no longer famous, this kind of language is used in texting or sms-ing. but we only use the words in short-formed way to minimize the space in the cell phone. for me, short-formed still can be accepted rather than "Ewww..."  i dont understand who, how and why the mastermind behind this thing can came out with those words! it is ridiculous  man! or should i say this human being is the geniuses of us all?

the second thing is, i called it "mixed-up language". mixed-up language is the way you write or speak but in bilingual. that means, once you talked in malay then you talked in english than malay back than english. same goes to write. i know many of you did this including minister itself but im so sorry i have to say this. for me, FOR ME  its just very unprofessional. sorry to say. thank you.

thirdly, how im gonna say this. ok. "perkataan inggeris yang dimelayukan". no one ever told me this one. i discovered it myself. i have seen it in many kind of medias. especially newspaper and tv. i really truly dont have any idea how a reliable and prestigious newspaper that we read every single day can came out with this kind of mistake. come on. newspaper. teacher told us everyday to read the newspaper because it is good for your language proficiency in bahasa melayu as well as english. but when the newspaper itself came out with "words error" who wanna believe it now? the "words error" that i found seriously you will not gonna find them in kamus dewan. i also saw it in buletin utama. sorry about that tv3. an example of "words error" is like the word "kontes". you can see it down there. scroll a bit. basically it is an english word "contest" which means " pertandingan". there are many of them. i cant even remember. i wish i jot them down when i saw them on the newspaper. hmmm... maybe next time. that word "kontes" i also use it because it is the name of the contest right. if i dont write the way she wrote it, perhaps i may be disqualified. haha~

so, these are the particular reason why i decided to write in english. rather than ruin my own language i prefer to use english although it is incorrect. well... yeah. charlie dont mind. right charlie? do not ask shakespere, ask charlie! i know my grammar sucks. despite malay my grammar always sucks. frasa nama, frasa adjektif, frasa kerja blablabla....honestly i can't differentiate those things! when i write, especially in this blog, from the beginning i always wanted to write in the truly malay. like in the text book. but who wanna read me if i wrote like that from the beginning? "pergh! boring gila blog dia!" "mak ai! macam baca buku cerita BM siot...." so i decided to write in malay as well but more to what do they call it, santai? yeah... santai. in fact it is easier to write jokes in this "santai" type of writing. so, there is a pro and contras.

the conclusion is, please guys, i am begging you here. if you do not appreciate and love your own language, its up to you. but i do! so please dont ever ruin it again. huh! cant imagine in the future how those words will be seen erghhh... scary!