By Mid 2011

yesterday i was blogwalking in someones blog and i saw his wishlish. it was so damn cool! unfortunately i dont remember his blog! haha. sorry dude. how can i ever forget that cool blog? and i was too lazy to search it in my history. so i guess i did say something about my wish list on the previous post. here they are! i keep my promise. but its kind of different from everybody else who want bb, i-phone, pink laptop, dslr camera, blablablab.... its all about gadget!

1. washabs! 

2. results with flying colors!

3. ck jeans!

4. reaching 100 followers!

5. gorgeous hunk 

there they are my wishlish! i will not show my hunk here thought it does'nt work like the rest and that would embarrassing myself. huhu

its february now and i still have my time to turn them into reality not just a wish. except for no.5. im cool with it ^__^ and yeah! do not take this for granted!! its just a stupid 16 year old wishes!