there you are Sunshine!

sorry i left you for a quite long time. it is not an easy work to wait for the sun to reappear. as seen on the tv, newspaper, heard on the radio, what else? oh ya! the internet, its raining happily heavily around johor and certain area have been flooded. i dont have any idea how they can manage the so called "pilihan raya" there.

the rain started a few days ago, i guess if the sun still shy to the dark cloud, it has been the sixth day today. in this such case, all i want to do is just wrapping around my blanket, cuddle in my bed with my huge furry teddy beside me. but, a few of my friends, maybe all. still have an effort to run! yeah. sounds great. running together in the rain. its school though. the kementerian would not cancel the annual event, the road run just because of the silly rain. so the over exited kids thought this would be cool and would burn some fat without make them turn dark because there is no sun to heat them up. hmm. sound cool. but im too lazy la... to join this such event. the fact is, my bed is still the best. haha!

sorry i stole this from someone. so, this is how they look. wet, shoesless and happy! :D

actually yesterday i have a sort of plan to do something with nini may at the town. but everything is ruined because our town had been flooded. so my over reacted mama said "eh! dekat bandar ni dah banjir ni! kemas-kemas rumah cepat! stor tu kemas! semua barang bawak naik atas! lepastu kemas-kemas baju mana yang penting datang sini. malam ni kita tidur sini!" sini means my moms store. at the town also but it is high enough as it is "rumah kedai" at the second floor.that means we were save until someone with boat to rescue us. police, bomba or something. hmmm... that is what she thinks. what i think is, we were still be safe as long as i sit in my house lying on my bed! my mom always such a panic mom. erkhh... 

these two are the river if im not mistaken

and my another over reacted neighbor had packing all their house holds in the big black plastic bag and put it outside of their house. ??? when the water arrives, the plastic bag will float on the surface and their stuffs are save! genius! why my mom could not think that way? the truth is, behind all this chaos, they all just phobia. thats all. everybody is getting ready for whatever consequences are. remember the horrendous flood on the end of 06 and beginning of 07? we're all involved! but no one died recently. the one who lives in a low area, their house was entirely ruined! zero! they had spent a lot of green just to fix it. of course they all beware of this kind of rain. everybody had came out with many brilliant ideas to save their home. we can see this as an effort.

and today i can see the sun peek out a lil by the cloudy day. the housewives start to hang the cloths outside. it has not dry for days now so we all took a chance by this sunny day. dont know it will last until when. on the mean time i can see their happy face. but the prediction is not gonna correct all the time. the rain will pour again sooner or later. what ever it is, sediakan payung sebelum hujan.