i am big and i am proud of it

today, i got knocked by something on the head that makes me wanna write in English instantly. ergghhh.. just ignore this if you think this is lame -___-"

i know my friend, syazmin, is the smallest, but standing beside her would not make me look like a giant. hmmm... perhaps. i know i am big. i got this huge bone structure that even i'm super skinny, i'm still look healthy. i'm not gonna end up look like a drug addict on the street. i think i got it from my dad's side.

but, here's goes the problem. i gain weight lately. a lot! so maybe in a couple of months you may call me Khloe Kardashian. ;) i am not struggling to loose weight right now, i know it will back to normal soon along the SPM pressure. actually, i'm a bit happy and proud because i can gain my weight! although it is not happen in a three months indeed. it took a lot of effort and food! i started to gain my weight in last year as it is a honeymoon year. no pressure. my worst was back to 2009. i'm super lean. last year, my weight had pass 45 kg which never able to pass 43. wow! what am i eat? and now, i just dont know plus dont care

in my family, all of us have the same rate of metabolism which is high that makes us a bit difficult to put up some fat. except for my lil sister. i have no idea who feed her. like my eldest sister, i get tired of seeing her figure always changes with the season. once she's a bit plump, two months later she looks bonny, three months later she looks kinda normal. see. this is what was going around us.it takes two months to us to loose some but if you are lucky enough it only gets around 3  months to gain it back. if we are lucky. but it always took more than that. up to 6-9 months.

since im quite satisfy with my body figure right now, a just wanted to shape it up a lil bit. you know... to look more luscious. uuuu....haha! i a nut shell, i am happy for being healthy. yeah, healthy. get it? "healthy". i dont wanna waste my appetite on dieting. i eat what ever i wanted to! i dont wanna waste any food at my home as my mom always cooks something for us. and baking is like my hobby on the weekend. so, i wont close my eyes when passing by the kitchen or when i open the fridge to ensure i did not see the scrumptiousness.  though i still manage to smell them! what is the purpose actually to close the eyes when poping the head inside the fridge??

something i almost forgot to mansion. water. W.A.T.E.R. it is too important for me. beyond important. for you too. you can live longer enough without food but you cant survive a second without water. drink water. 8 glasses per day. swim in water. drawn in water. sail on water until you queasy and die! water is all you need to get healthy!

wanna look healthy huh??