The Ultimate Comeback

hey little fellas! im back! muahahahahha!!!

you see now my blog is kinda new. it took a couple of days to finish it. huh! im dizzying with the new template kinda stuff. im always playing around with it on my sisters blog,  but to do it on my own blog is kinda odd. odd? is that the right word to use? actually im scared if it did not turn out so well. what if it became ugly and weird and no one wanna visit my blog anymore because its too yucks! but now, you can see it turns out fabulous!

i choose the new template because i want that white background behind it. what did they call it? it have a sort of name.... i dont know. lantak lah! the point is, on my old background, (actually my old pinky blog is cute too) it did'nt have that thing so it looks a bit messy perhaps when im typing using white font, it still shown and you can read it without highlighted it. its kinda lame.... -____-  im so happy with the new template because it came with the white background theme! i sound like promoting new template for blogger...erghhh.....

however, it did sometimes screwed me up a lil bit. especially with those new HTML code. i already used to the old one so its kinda easy. but theres a lot of missing stuff on the new HTML language. pissed off! i cant get what i want. like the background. (background again) i actually wanted a black and white stripes background.  but when the HTML code had turn on my nerve, i just choose one at the cutest blog on the block. what a shame....

also with the divider. can you see i have a new curly divider? isn't that awsome??  at first, i also fed up with the coding stuff because it did not turn as i wanted to! i tried so many times and with the little knowledge and wisdom (ecewah!) and a lot of will power, it's done! perfectly as i wanted to be~ i just playing around with the code, adding that erase something and the result was great.

finally the header. i really really really really love the old header that i made it by myself by burning the midnight oil and everything. sadly, i have to let it go. bye bye cute header. im gonna miss you :'( apakan daya, that is what i have to do. i mean it. i have to. there's a tons of picture of me there with my hair flown flow away fabulously like whatever!

so, here an extra point. if you guys out there wanted to know or too shy to ask for a tutorial or anything, just ask ok. im fine indeed im happy if you ask (because no one had ever ask me before -___-) so, yeah... thats it. bye!