from friends to friends

    • dear my young male and female buddy ,

      at 17 i worry about matching shoes, how much an ice cream cost me, what should i read and what's next after iphone4. you?

      dear female,
      don't sell your dignity and virginity off the street with some dumb guy you crush on, just because he own a car? nice tshirt? ipod? 

      we make love out of love. and what you did is nothing but lust. an ugly lust.

      one day, everyone know what have you done because he spread how's your "performance" in 3gp so that all of his clique know. and all of em' drools.
      now, should you be proud of that?
      oh,shit! you didn't realize he was recording cause you we're too drunk on your honeymoon. what a shame. 

      dear male,
      what her good? or nah, her just nice? 

      all this time, i build a wall of trust in you.we trust you. i trust you can take a good care of my friend. unfortunately, you are no different with all those beast. 

      but i didn't put the blame on you, i think you are a victim in this situation. she want it so badly, so you give her. you have no choice, but still, it is a win-win situation for you. right?

      you love her, she love you not. so what should you do? 
      come on your are much worth than this. 

      both of my dear,
      i write this sincerely with no bad intention. if you get it, you act out of it. if you don't , forget this, ditch this, treat this letter as one of those scam letter. 
      this is a letter that i write with full of love.

      president of the tween club.