Larian 1 Murid 1 Sukan 1 Malaysia

in respond to the government in implementing  the larian 1 malaysia thus creating a new record for the country for the country's biggest marathon, my school did not miss the opportunity to join while enliven the event. so recently everybody is busy roaming about the event on fb. uploading photos and updated their status. there's about more than five schools in my town and every each of them join the larian i guess... it must be so lively but we do not clash each other. so, enjoy the pictures!

started with j-robik to warm up a lil bit. this is the j-robik team for the school. caca is one of them. me too but im resign a few days ago once i felt thinner. tujuan utama masuk pon sebab nak kurus. lepas dah kurus cabut la.

 caca semangat

this is what happen behind the real j-robik team

mr. tapa and abang massss....

exited faces of the day
ada ke cikgu sekolah lain posing macam ni? 


or should we call it "jalanan 1 malaysia?" ==

as usual, we are the hottest of the day!! (point your mouse to enlarge the photo)

0791 "tired"

thanks to ridhwan rasman and aryna for the amazing photos!