dietary me

before i get started would like to take this opportunity to wish happy fasting month or happy ramadhan al-mubarak to all muslims readers out there. as has been aware, ramadhan is just around the corner and i hope we can make this ramadhan as a medium of self-correcting also to get closer with the almighty. amin.

 a few weeks later, i started to realize that my eyes started to seems blur. but on a certain situation only. at my school, we are using LCD to replace the old style blackboard and chalky chalk. we use it all the time especially on ICT subject. the problem is, i cant see what is on the screen! everything just seems blur for me. i try to ware my friend spectacles, wow!! it so clear and bright! ok. something is not right here. the important thing is, i dont want to be spectky because i will look like dumbass B)

ani advise me to eat a lot of carrot. she said her brother did so and his eyes were back to normal. one of my friends, qis, also have the same experience. she had left her spect since 2008.

and, i try it! wow. i didnt eat any vegetables for my entire life and suddenly i munch carrot on its own! i admit that im not a vegetables freak. i hate green leafy stuff. bitter and yucks! but carrot is orange.and it was not so bad actually. carrot is actually a fruit? i didn't know that! :O

besides that, i also got two benefits from it. killing two birds with one stone or sambil menyelam minum air bak kata orang melayu. i now have my own exclusively dietary plan. since im eating vegetables now, or fruit, i want to use it as wise as possible. this is my CARROT DIET ROUTINE:

breakfast: instant quaker oat/ munchy's oat crunch or jacobs oatmeal cereal or nestle nestum + glass of milk/                     a slice of bread + a cup of tea

morning tea at 10: carrot sticks dip in cheesy salad dressing or mayonis

lunch: like usual nasi berlauk but in small portion plus carrot

dinner at 8 or 9: carrot sticks dip in cheesy salad dressing or mayonis

supper: a glass of milk with munchy's oat crunch chocolate flavor my favorite!

look how much kgs i can loss in three months ;)