Antara BBQ, Bola dan Parti Liar

last week my beloved class 5SC ICT/al-farabi run a bbq party at nini's house. initially, we would like to do this party at my house but one of my neighbors organized a kenduri doa selamat to welcome the upcoming fasting month. actually,  it was a suitable night to make a kenduri like that because ramadhan is coming soon and it was a friday night. yeah, and we decided to make a bbq party. a wild one.

the are so many incident behind it. we have to invite wan which is not from our class just because he owns a dslr and popo can slept at his house. fyi, popo fly from the hostel. sorry wan. tak berniat pon :P

so, enjoy the moments!

bola telah manjadi drama air mata kerana malaysia kalah :'(
tarian kipas oleh popo dan ikha
gambar skema mesti ada
kejap!! belum goal lagi!!
mynn ni spoil la!
scene yang berunsur pari liar:

whatever it is, it was an amazing bbq party and can we did it again?? can we can we can we?? 

i l<3ve my class!! wish you guys all the best for spm and i hope for 10's for all of us! amin..

i had the best time of my life although harimau malaya kalah dengan singa. oh! forget to mention, happy birthday amin and kibul! best main baling-baling tepung. i went home at 12.30 mid night. abah didn't mind at all maybe because this is the first time i went home late and he knows we had a bbq. sure it will be late.

thankx wan! kalau boboy tak ade, gambar ni semua tak ada 

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