Is It Impossible?

last weekend, i met him. accidently. i was like O.o and he was like --" im busy. we were both acting like we don't know each other. i kept busy with my stuff and so do he. but seriously im trying to wey! aku kat sini. tak nampak ke?! however, he was like trying to avoid me. he was running here and there. ok that's it. maybe he already forgot about me. who cares anyway. he's just an old friend. wait. do we befriended back then? never mind.

just now, i met him again. this time yet another different story. i saw him first. like usual. busy with his work. i dont want to disturb him anyway and proceed to my business. while im busying searching stuff, he walk besides me into the store room. i just ignoring him. like usual. but then when he walked out of the store room, i was accidently watch at him which i refuse to do so from the beginning. he watch at me too. we stare at each other for a couple of second. in my mind was like what should i do?! do i need to greet him first? how if he already forget about me then he ask me who? oh my?! im screwed! i need to turn my head now. yes!

as im turning my head, i heard something. "hai feyqa" ok. its just that. but it really makes me overwhelming until i wanted to throw up shortly. wait hunny. hold on your feeling. say hai back and smile :) after he was gone, i cant stop smiling until now. i just cant imagine how he could not forget me at all. that is the thing that makes me happy because he did not forget me! that's all. although we are not a close friend or rarely met but secretly i had a crush on him. dulu la. sikit jek. but come on! who could never had a crush on him? he's so charming!

ok. speak out my mind, it's just for today.