TUAH is a Champion!!

are you ready? yes! yes! tuah tuah go! go! go! tuah tuah fight! fight! fight! tuah tuah win! win! win! tuah is to fight win! goooo tuah!

that is our cheer for tuah that brings us the luck.

after several years, finally tuah earned the championship trophy after jebat the champion for 5 consecutive years drop drastically. hmm... so sad :( it was held at padang asrama that was seriously, tremendously, very very hot. hotter than we are~ so, enjoy the pictures!

basically, i divided the pictures into few categories. check it out:

winner category (of coz it will be the first!)

credit to aryna and dyra for the lip lap lip lap board
dyra sebok bunuh ular
tuah's captain

they are stars!
running category
couples category
ok. this one is quite .__.
cute/ smart category
paparazzi of the day
6TT again!

didn't belongs to any category
                                               hang jebat                                            power rangers
                          tepuk amai-amai, belalang kupu-kupu                        superman
salah kategori
salah kategri jugak
silat tempayan
justin bibir
sehati berdansa
didn't get it much
kasut terpijak taik. (not really a poop okay! just a wet dirt!)
mana gambar korek aryna?
sleep walking
umur kau bape??

it was a really tiring day and thanks to the brightly shinny sun, i got sunburn. a really bad one. .__.
not to forget, thank you to ridhwan rasman and miss aryna for the adorable pictures!