im finish high school! for real :D

im finish my school years probably a few weeks ago but hey, IMMA TO LAZY TO SIGN UP THE GOOGLE ACCOUNT TO OPEN MA BLOG RATHER THAN FACEBOOK THAT I DON'T HAVE TO SIGN UP BECAUSE I NEVER LOG OUT! then today i accidently sign up and wallah! here i am!

im finally graduated from high school with honour and respect :D

we are finally free!

this picture right here was took right after our final day of spm which is bio paper. and this day is remarkable as our final day of school years. although we were so happy and beyond exited like my friend back there for not so called budak skolah anymore, but the memories and scandalous dramas of high school is remain forever :')

before "the day" actually came, there's a lot of drama happens in my saki-baki kehidupan di alam persekolahan. most of it involving the "L" word. hmmm... i dont know whether i should or should not post it here for general viewing :\ ok. i'll think about it later.

i was not involve in so many activities recently. yeah... as a free high school leaver you guys probably think im free to go out and have fun with my friends watching movies karaoke lepak mamak but nahhhh!!! my life was not as easy as that! im spending my time in front of the tv, laptops, guitar and mixer. if that stuff can talk im sure they will be saying this "hey, are't you dont have anything to do besides spending time with us? we were ok and appreciated it but in another 3 months you will be 18! go out and have a life!"

yup! thats me. T__T im thinking about working but nahhhh... im gonna get my licence firs ;) for now on. imma proud unemployed.