just now i watch 90210 back to back episodes and basically this is my favourite show for the moment. know why? because its kinda reminds me of my everyday life with my best friends. ada pasang surutnya. we care about each other to much until at one point its all getting complicated and misunderstood and yeah.. we fight about it.

but at the end of the day, i know deep down we still love each other and will be a lot of miserable if one of us left. at least i felt it. i miss you guys a lot :'( i dont really care how much the pain is because tomorrow it will be gone. i love you guys so much. if you guys dont feel the same way, its ok. i understand because i have done so much trouble before. nobody is perfect but im working so hard to find some tiny little place in your heart.

sometimes i felt left out and doesn't belong but i guess its just my instinct and emotion and i know it was not true. hopefully. i believe everything happen for reason. i know its quite lame to be synchronize our life as the fabulous girls of 90210 but hey, we're still hot anyway! :P aryna, we have been friends since year six, and i hope it last for another 7 years! amin..