Page Is Under Construction

heyyo! what do you think of my new blog? its not one of the blog skin ect.ect. i created myself. btw, i dont like to take an advantage on other people's hard work. you know what i mean? frankly, the blogskin is based on other peoples creation. even if they allow you to use it but to put some credit on their effort, but for me its just no genuine. i rather choose to bersusah susah dahulu untuk mendapatkan hasil yang memuaskan ;) but its not ready yet. there are a lot of things to consider and change here especially the header. the header is not suitable for this new design. but i like the layout. cool isn't it? so basicly, it still under construction! till then :D

ini bukan blogskin tau!! hah, teror tak appearance blog aku macam blogskin?? teror tak teror lah kan *kening kening